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Published January 31, 2018

Epic Games is shutting down the Paragon servers this April. Naturally many people in the community are upset because this game was their life for the past two years. Hell, the game never made it out of beta! We never got to see its true potential. Some fans in the community want to do something about that. They want to “save” Paragon. Community member Jude Dobbin created a petition proposing that Epic

“keep the servers for paragon open even if they leave the game as it is right now I would be more than happy. All I want is to come home and be able to turn on paragon and play with my friends, what am I going to do now?”

I’m all for doing something to save this game, but I’m not a fan of Jude’s idea. Leaving the game as is, is pointless. The games current state is terrible and that’s why so many people fled. What would be the financial benefit for Epic to leave servers on? Their best bet is to actually listen to the community and fix the game. We’ve been asking for tower buffs for over a year now. Let us go back to legacy too. Create a poll and ask fans which map they prefer.

This petition is a good idea but poorly executed. Then again Jude has managed to garner an impressive 28K signatures at the moment of me typing this article. Maybe there is hope for the game? If you’d like to sign this petition to keep Paragon alive, then please click here. Check out my video below talking Paragon and what led to its downfall.


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