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Published November 27, 2015

Jessica Jones is the hottest show out. It’s exclusive to Netflix and a must watch for any geek. Character development is great, there’s actions, gore, sex and Luke Cage baby! Not to mention the shows villain is A1. The Purple Man reminds me a lot of Joker in a sense that he’s there to fuck with Jessica mentally.

That’s the best way to describe this show. One giant mind fuck.┬áIf you haven’t checked it out, then I suggest giving it a chance. You don’t need to know anything about the comics. They do a decent job of breaking things down in the show.

The Actor who plays Jessica; Krysten Ritter stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show to give the audience a brief description of the show and her powers. I’ll say that Jimmy’s description of the show being “PG-16” is a bit misleading. It’s definitely an R-Rated show. There’s plenty of gore and sex. That’s just a heads up in case there’re kids around.

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