Koei Tecmo Announces Beserk

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  1.' iSeebullsh1t says:

    That berserk greatness!!

  2.' Conin Perruquet says:

    Taylor Bryant

    1.' Taylor Bryant says:

      I’ll play it. Where do I stick my card?

    2.' Conin Perruquet says:


  3.' Ernest Von Gideon says:

    its lit

  4.' Ernest Von Gideon says:


  5.' Frank Bergeron says:

    So freaking awesome I would love to play a new Berserk game. Gut’s is a killer protagonist with his massive cleaver sword ! 😀

  6.' Levi Spirit Bear says:

    Alejandro Bermudez-Segura

    1.' Alejandro Bermudez-Segura says:

      No fucking way !!!

    2.' Levi Spirit Bear says:

      Hopefullu it’ll come to the states

  7.' Levi Spirit Bear says:

    Alex Lax show Mike this NOW!

  8.' Lunaify says:

    Berzerk is also a movie on Netflix and I’m pretty sure it’s related

  9.' Jreshawn Mcgee says:

    Neiman Clayton that nostalgia. DREAMCAST FOREVER!

  10.' Raheen L Harris says:

    Kai Lucien Carlos Sanchez Jr.

  11.' Eli Henderson says:

    It’s finally time to kill Griffith.

  12.' Kion Karimi says:

    Cassie Moronez

  13.' Kion Karimi says:

    Ian Richmond

  14.' Tanner Latrell says:

    Alex Lafonte Logan Gow

  15.' casjwell says:

    My body is ready.

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