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Published May 18, 2017

Have you ever seen an anime and thought to yourself, “damn wish I could do that”? Well, if so then you’re just like me when I was watching Quan Zhi Gao Shou, aka The King’s Avatar. The anime follows Ye Xiu who starts the show off as a pro-gamer and is quickly forced into “retirement”. In his retirement, he finds work at an internet cafe as a night shift worker and he spends his free time playing his favorite game called Glory. Now Glory is an MMORPG that has a huge competitive scene in PVP battles as well as for guilds to beat dungeons, raids, and world bosses. Now sprinkle in some great action combat, somewhat likable characters, gamer lingo, and a badass protagonist and that pretty much sums the anime up and made me want to play a game similar to that of Glory. In the show, there’s also 3 different visual stylize such as hand drawn animation, photorealistic, and CGI artwork that can be appreciated or devalue to the show but I digress.

After watching the first episode I immediately began my quest to find an MMORPG and it had to have the following. First, it must be one-time purchase or free-to-play because yo boy isn’t trying to pay a monthly subscription. Next, it must have action combat because traditional MMORPGs are fun but lacks skill to use combat in my opinion and aren’t as fun as being forced to move and aim while attacking. The more user input demanded from the game the better. Having dungeons and raids are also big on my list because I wanted to experience clearing waves of enemies and huge bosses with my friends so we can have a tale to tell. The game must be a true open world experience and not plague me with a hub world to accept quests then send me to isolated instances. My final requirement is the game must look visually pleasing.

  • Free to play
  • Action Combat
  • Dungeons and Raids
  • Open-World
  • Visually pleasing

Here are a few games I deeply thought for consideration. Black Desert Online was a game I wanted to get back into but it lacked real dungeons and raids as well as I didn’t want my friends to pay for it knowing I probably won’t play it long term since it’s missing a good end game. Star Wars the old republic is a great free-to-play MMORPG with a good story and looks nice however it still has traditional combat which is a HUGE turn off for me despite me playing the game again for two days. Neverwinter was played for all of three hours before realizing that the enemies were just too easy early game and felt as though it was missing something. I even played Revelations Online which had fun combat and movement controls and animations but the questing felt extra tedious for an MMORPG and just wasn’t bearable to play. Guild Wars 2 was also a thought, however, once again I wanted to play with many friends and I didn’t want them to make an investment on something they might like despite me actually enjoying the combat and story of GW2. In all honesty, GW2 might just get played again still if I can convince my current party to purchase it. Now you’re probably wondering what made me stay with Tera despite all these great alternatives.

I played Tera before and I really don’t know why I stopped. The game is Free to play, has fun action combat, lots of dungeons that can be done fairly early in the game and raids later on, it has a true open world MMORPG experience, the graphics look nice enough, but most importantly I enjoyed the PKing in the game. Yes, I’m evil and I know it. PK is short for player killing and it’s one of my favorite hobbies in MMORPGS. Nothing feels better than being levels higher than a new player and killing them in cold digital blood in a few hits while my party and I laughs about the slaughtered swine typing over their dead body. When I originally played Tera you could PK as early as level 11 but due to recent updates, you can only PK at max level 65 by learning the ability Outlaw. Along with raids this now adds to something I can look forward to doing at the end of the game. I joined a PVP server, Fey Forest, and the only thing that has really kept me going is the thought knowing at level 65 so many innocent people will be slained by my hand and the fact that the amazing combat system is fun.

Unlike in Glory, from The King’s Avatar, Tera relies heavily on reaction time and less on APM. APM is actions per minute and essentially encourage the user to have really fast fingers and mice swipes. In the anime you see characters type viciously and what seems to be randomly on their keyboards to complete godlike movements and things that are highly unlikely done in most games. After doing some google research as the professional journalist that I am (SARCASM) I’ve come to the realization that the need for a high APM in an MMORPG would essentially mean the game itself has a bad user interface. High APMs are needed more in 2D games like real-time strategy games because the game requires simple tasks to be done and time is one of your enemies. If you can do a lot of simple tasks quickly the benefit becomes astronomical. In MMORPGs where you have a 3D world where one button triggers a complicated animation having a high APM isn’t needed. The work done from one button in an MMORPG is essentially equivalent to the work of many clicks in Starcraft. With Tera dodging and blocking are relied upon heavily so you can get the opportunity to punish a boss or player with a counter attack. I found out the hard way how important reaction time is when I was doing a dungeon. While in the dungeon my party didn’t have a real tank and as we fought 3 Bosses I took the aggro from them the majority of the time because I was doing the most DPS and was forced to flip, dash, and dodge for the most of what was probably 15 minutes or more.

In short, if you want a game remotely close to that of Glory then I recommend Tera. There’s plenty of raids and dungeons to be done, questing and leveling up isn’t completely mind numbing, the game is free to play, and the action combat requires some sort of skill during PVP and dungeons for the most part. If none of that can convince you then I would recommend you play the game because at level 65 you too can become a complete asshole and kill new players because you’re all powerful and only another level 65 can stop you.

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