The King’s Avatar Got Me Back Into Tera

  • Jayymalll

    So blvck does make non troll articles?! Great read, nli played neverwinter on ps4 and I liked it, gonna redownl it on pc now and I’ll give tea another shot, my laptop before was terrible and I just never felt comfortable using it.

    • Damon Ransom #Swavey

      Surprised me 🤣

      • I thought i’d share my thoughts and experiences with the world. Plus I did 2 great troll articles last week.

  • Damon Ransom #Swavey

    My homie put me on to this and I got hooked.

  • LowKey_Afro

    I’ve been watching this for awhile and I gotta turn my brain off to watch most of it. Like I understand this is a great Chinese anime but come on let’s be real about some shit, they need to make the details within the show make sense lol.