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Published May 19, 2017

I’d argue if you’re a King Of Fighters fan, then you more than likely already own the game on PS4.

I just don’t see that community being large enough to be spread across the PC platform. But just in case you were waiting on the PC version of King Of Fighter XIV then know it just got a release date.

Expect the Steam Edition of King Of Fighters XIV to drop June 15th. The game will launch with two packages available to Steam users.  The base version for $59.99 & the deluxe version (includes four DLC characters, 10 costumes, a digital art book, and digital soundtrack) for $74.99.

I don’t see the PC community latching onto this one because of the price tag. They’re bugging. The game is late and they’re still trying to charge full price for a digital download? Here are some of the new features the game will contain if you plan on picking it up.

  • 54 Fighters: One of the largest character rosters ever in the King of Fighters Series! – In addition to the original roster of 50 characters, 4 DLC characters join the fight! Iconic characters as well as new challengers duke it out in The King of Fighters XIV: Steam Edition for epic battles.
  • New Chapter: A Brand New King of Fighters Saga! – The King of Fighters Series’ storyline has been continuing over the Orochi, Nests, and Ash sagas. King of Fighters‘ rich story has NOT finished, and returns in a brand new exciting story arc with The King of Fighters XIV: Steam Edition.
  • 3-on-3: King of Fighters‘ traditional game system is back! – Select your favorite 3 fighters from the game’s robust character roster, and fight to victory via King of Fighters‘ traditional “3-on-3 Team Battle” game system.
  • A Plethora Of Game Modes: The King of Fighters XIV: Steam Edition features a large variety of game modes such as Story Mode, VS Mode, and a Gallery Mode for the best King of Fighters XIV experience ever.
  • Party Battle: A new fighting game experience – Duke it out with as many as six people (three players on each team) in VS Online “Party Battle”! Feel the heat of an authentic fighting game tournament experience.
  • Rush: A new feature aimed at easing beginners into the battle system – The newly introduced “Rush” feature allows even novice players to perform combos by pressing Light Punch repeatedly.
  • Climax Cancel: Ultimate Combos!:  The combo system has evolved in The King of Fighters XIV, allowing players to execute a Climax Super Special Move from a Super Special Move in the same combo for astonishing damage.


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