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Published July 9, 2015

Hot off the press at Capcom’s Street Fighter 5 San Diego Comic-Con panel, the game’s next playable fighter was revealed.  Ken has officially been announced and joins his homie Ryu! Word on the streets are saying that Ken has been redesigned and doesn’t appear to play like the Shoto he use too. We are also hearing that another character was teased during the panel.  Ken will be very different from Ryu this time around. He will no longer sport his trademark red gi, and will come equipped with a more “in-your-face” playstyle.

His V-Trigger is called Heat Rush.

Ken channels flames through his entire body for a short period of time, which powers up his special attacks by increasing their number of hits and improving their trajectory, allowing him to perform even more damaging combos

KenVtrigger1 KenVtrigger2

His V-Skill is called Quick Step

Ken runs towards the opponent, closing the distance in an instant. Ken can also choose to step kick or input another attack closer to the end of his run!

KenVSkill1 KenVSkill2

His V-Skill seems like FADC too me, but it might not let absorb an attack.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that there will be three phases of Street Fighter 5’s beta testing. The first one begins on July 23rd on PlayStation 4, however, dates for the other two have not yet been revealed.

Here is the Official Trailer for Ken


09_kensdcc01 09_kensdcc02 09_kensdcc03 09_kensdcc05 09_kensdcc06 09_kensdcc07 09_kensdcc08 09_kensdcc09 09_kensdcc10 09_kensdcc11 09_kensdcc12 09_kensdcc13

Ken is still Flashy as ever!!!


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