Jordan Peele Might Direct Akira

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  1.' TaylorTank❎ says:

    Not all that suee honestly. But ima bit closed minded to him directing something like this, but let’s see what happens

  2. Errol Albury Errol Albury says:

    That would be a awesome idea to announce. Get out was a big horror success and Akira is a big start for Jordan directing this movie

  3. Logan Massey Logan Massey says:

    Who in their right mind would want this

    1. Did you see Get Out?

    2. DJ Jasper DJ Jasper says:

      Who should do it in your opinion or you think they should just leave it alone

    3. Logan Massey Logan Massey says:

      I believe it can be done well when placed in the right hands. But not in the hands of a comedian. Akira had little to no comedic relief in the original anime and I believe someone like Peele is incapable of making a serious movie

    4. Logan Massey I agree with you, man.

    5. Im skeptical, but he may surprise us.

    6. I agree, leave Akira alone

    7. Dro Torres Dro Torres says:

      Get Out or not This movie should not be in the hands of Hollywood. They’ll whitewash regardless of director choices.

  4. I don’t know about this, Akira is one of the most iconic anime and manga of all time. Unless every is on point like Deadpool, may be one of the greatest action live film since Deadpool.

  5.' Moor says:

    I’m glad he might be directing this. I wish him the best and hope to see him working on this.

  6.' alloyd1 says:

    Its gonna be tough but i wish him the best. Dudes been entertaining me since like 03 but after just comedies and now get out i cant say he’s gonna nail it.

  7.' imJGott says:

    Just leave anime movies in animinators hands. They’ll try ninja scroll next I bet.

  8. NO!!! NOOOOO!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

  9.' thaelectricfeel says:

    They just need to not white wash all these anime live actions movies.

  10. Dustin Hasan Dustin Hasan says:

    Keshahna Lashi Brockman, would you watch it now?

  11. Can’t be any worse than ghost in the shell

  12.' FadedZero says:

    Akira was garbage to begin with…they cant do no worse

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