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Published June 17, 2015

Joe Montana Football was an amazing game back in the day, and many were excited to hear that it was making a return after 23 years. They even showed screenshots of the game, and it looked pretty good. Some wondered if it could compete with Madden, regardless if the game couldn’t use the NFL licensed items.


Well, I hope this doesn’t disappoint you too much, but Joe Montana Football is a mobile game. It does tout those sleek graphics on mobile. The designers hope this will do for the Football genre, like the mobile game Infinity Blade did for the action genre.They did state it will be making it’s way to PC, but the gameplay will be the same as the mobile version.

If the game does well enough on mobile – they may start work on a full version down the road. So are you excited to play some Joe Montana 16 on your iOS, or Android device?

Watch the interview here:

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