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Published January 28, 2019

DragonBall Fighterz was a huge success last year, But Bandai ain’t stopping there! They announced a season 2 for post-launch content!

What better way to announce this news other than to also drop an insane trailer for the 1st upcoming DLC characters in season 2 which is Jiren and Videl. Videl will have the help of The Great Saiyaman by her side in combat. They made Jiren and Videl very interesting in the gameplay we saw in the trailer and I can’t wait for this to drop.These characters are dropping January 31st, Which is only 4 days away.

We also get to see 2 other fighters that will be joining the roster in season 2. The fighters coming in season 2 will be Broly from the recent film that just released Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Gogeta [SSGSS].

Check out the full trailer below and tell us what you think about it?


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