Jiren & Android 17 Are Coming to Xenoverse 2

  • Rice King

  • Rice King

    • Now if only we can Get them in Dragon Ball Fighterz

  • Chris Keathley

  • Mltv

  • wait, android 17 is in the game? wtf do you mean.

    • Perhaps an updated version of 17? Idk I’m not caught up in super so idk if he uses different moves or whatever lol

    • yeah, i saw it and its his reservation outfit, and probably some new skills.

  • Frost

    Forget Jiren & 17, we’re getting SSB for our CAC & “HAWT” swimsuits for 18 & Videl.

  • Zac Harrell
    Xavier Walker

    • Late

    • Lmao,boy stfu. 😂😂😂

    • Meh

    • FighterZ is out. XV2 pulling out all stocks to keep relevant. Including putting Videl and 18 in swimsuits 😂😂

    • There’s ppl out there that think XV2 is the superior game,already. Lmao 😂😂😂

    • Why?

      I’m trash at fighting games like that but even I can tell it’s lit

    • Hold on. I gotta go search for this one specific post. Lmao

      I remember when you didn’t. :^) lmao

    • Nigga #weknow

    • I’m gonna text it to you,bro.

      Lmao,gotta love waveriders :^)

    • Oh that!

    • I mean there are asshats that’ll ruin a fighting game for casuals. Esp online. That’s why I’m not gonna hop on when I get it

    • It’s why I don’t hop online in general lol

    • Yeah,I’m becoming one of those pricks with MVCI. I’m sorry. 😕 lmao

      Spidey too good. 😂

    • If you jump on any MVC online you should already know the Ls you’ll take

    • Quite the opposite for me. Lmao

      I’ve gotten real damn good at the game.

      I’ve always been good at em,honestly.

      I’m just trying harder now with this game. I win with low tier heroes a lot. Cap and Ryu,specifically.

    • *if you’re casual and hop on any MVC

    • MVCI has a beginners league so there’s that. Lol

      UMVC3 was toxic to get online.

      I’m just a good casual player at all fighting games. Lol

  • Jarrick Stokes

  • Wtf shouldn’t android 17 already be in the damn game lol

  • Mr. Maximum

    Idk man. We don’t know enough about jiren’s attacks to make a full character out of him. Probably gonna get like 1 or 2 more iterations of jiren in this game before we know EVERYTHING about his attacks. Its too soon man….too soon

  • 17 is already in the game. What the fuck?