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Published March 27, 2017

These days people love crying and complaining about the dumbest stuff. Iron Fist got a lot of backlash before its release. People cried “whitewashing” when Iron Fist is ACTUALLY white in the comic books. They should have been upset at how much the show sucks (check out our review). An Asian actor wouldn’t have saved that terrible script. Now people are upset about the Westernization of Death Note. In the midst of all this hoopla, I couldn’t help by wonder how the Japanese people felt?

Funny enough Youtube suggested me a video that answered my question. Normally I don’t click on YouTube suggestions (because they’re usually shit), but this video had to be viewed. It was a video titled “Japanese React to Netflix Death Note (2017).” YouTuber The Japanese Man Yuta hit the streets of Toyko to ask real Japanese people what they thought of Netflix version of Death Note.

Some of them enjoyed the different take on the anime and others not so much. I wanted to share this video because even the ones who didn’t like it weren’t mad. Meanwhile over here in the States weeaboos are doing the most in comment sections. I’d be upset too if there wasn’t already a Japanese live action adaptation of Death Note.

Netflix is just giving us another take on the source material. Let the thing come out and then we’ll judge it. Netflix is on a roll for the most part. Iron Fist is the first bad original series I’ve seen them release. That out of what? Dozens of amazing other ones? Netflix gets the benefit of the doubt from me.

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