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Published February 3, 2016

CBS has just announced today that a Supergirl and Flash crossover is indeed happening on March 28th! Rumors of a crossover between the two characters go as far back as last year on the May issue of Variety magazine which sported a picture of both heroes together. When asked if a collaboration would happen CBS  had previously stated that it would be “unlikely” due to legal reasons, however, a few months later they changed their stance to a more open minded one. Today, The Flash and Supergirl’s executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg made the joint announcement stating:

We are so incredibly excited to announce something that we have dreamed of happening since we starting making Supergirl—The Flash and Supergirl are teaming up! We want to thank Grant Gustin for making the time to come visit (on top of his already immense workload) and all of the folks at CBS, The CW, Warner Bros. and DC for working this out. And finally thanks to the fans and journalists who have kept asking for this to happen. It is our pleasure and hope to create an episode worthy of everyone’s enthusiasm and support.

No word as of yet on what the episode may be about or if even The Flash and Supergirl are a part of the same Earth or if the The Flash will come across our superheroine on a parallel earth, which would certainly not be far fetched seeing as The Flash as already begun exploring the multiverse in his series. We’ll keep you guys updated on the crossover episode as more details begin to surface.

Are you guys excited for a Supergirl and Flash crossover? Let us know in the comments below!


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