Is The PS4 Pro Malfunctioning?!

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  • LegendofSquanto

    I’d definitely recommend until February for the updated models. Brand new models always tend to have problems

  • Schaell Nuñez-Rodriguez

  • FuutonNinja

    I didn’t know Sony sold hair dryers.

  • Issiah

    Tht shit gonna blow when niggas try to replace it for the Scorpio this a low key W for Sony Niggas Cant buy a bttr machine if thier Dead 😂👌💪

    • Graeme Willy

      Seriously, you couldn’t add an “E” to “better?” And “Win” is too long to type, too? I feel like I lost brain cells trying to interpret your message. Are you suggesting that this is somehow a “Win” for Sony? That, somehow, replacing a PS4 Pro with a Scorpio is a low-key win for Sony? Pray tell.

      • Issiah

        Lol wat im saying is whoever has a P4 Now Nxt year when the Scorpio drop a “Bttr Machine” The P4 gonna Blow if u try to replace it😂😂

  • Mike

    this happens with new systems not a big deal

  • I think CrowbCat might answer that question.

  • Gus StGermain

    This is what you get when you rush out another underpowered console

  • WeeaboJones

    It just Works they said. plug and play they said. less complicated they said.

  • obi_nation

    wow i wish flight simulators on pc had this kind of immersion

  • Graeme Willy

    If there is an overheating issue, couldn’t Sony just push out a firmware that makes the fan operate a little more intuitively? Or force a higher fan speed?