Is Terry Crews The Next Tank In OverWatch?!

  • wtf

  • Mr. Jim

    I think I would be cool if we got a new tank and Terry’s voice is pretty amazing.

  • Alex Szedetzki

  • bloohot479

    He probably will voice act doomfist.

  • Quince matthew

    I hope so cuz we still haven’t got doomfist

  • I want a voice line from everybody hates chris

    • Storm Cloudz

      “You just wasted $56 and .43 cents worth of ammo!”

  • I hope it’s just literally Terry crews as himself

  • Bless Love Ramos this would be the shit!!!


    I’ll lose my shit if he’s in the game.

  • LegendofSquanto

    There was a recent AMA on Reddit that he said he would want to voice Doomfist.

  • Jonathan Michael Burris



  • Nonononononono, not a new skin…. Terry Crews Voice acting a character.

  • if that happens I’m paying for the game in full

  • joshua tilllman

    Is Blizzard cool enough to make him into an actual character ? Bcuz that would make Blizzard my favorite video game company of all time lol

    • Vincent

      XD IK right.

  • Carlie Knox

  • Johnell Q-Ball Murray

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal “y’all got back pains? “

  • Muhammad Mukky Mukhtar

  • Thomas ‘HAL’ Avallone

  • I’m not an Overwatch player (but I’m going to be soon!). But isn’t this against the grain of the game tone?

    • No it’s not against the game grain at all. His explosive personality would fit right in.

  • Ryan Bertoia Veektor Espinoza

  • Storm Cloudz

    New character old spice man coming to an overwatch near you

  • ☮Groovy Goya☯

    Lows, I think he’d make a great voice for an older character with a humorous nature.