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Published January 9, 2016

With the rise of platforms like Youtube, Twitch & Hitbox; gaming has become BIG business. Every year Forbes publishes articles about who made the most on Youtube. Usually, more than half of them are gamers. Sony included a share button on their controller, so they’re very aware of the social aspect of gaming. So much that they want a larger slice of the pie.

There I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline yesterday when I came across something that caught my attention. It was an RT of someone claiming that Sony filed to place a copyright on the popular term “Let’s Play”. I clicked the link, and it seems legit

The question now is what does this mean for gaming on the internet? If this is approved, then people won’t be able to put “Let’s Play” in their title without having to deal with Sony being all up their ass. This is a scumbag move. Next Microsoft is going to try and trademark the term “review.” I don’t know much about copyright laws, but I hope the response below is accurate


Greatness awaits…

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