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Published November 5, 2015

So either this is great news for console gamers or a major f*ck up on Gamestop’s end. According to¬†Kotaku, Gamestop is taking preorders for OverWatch on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The interesting part is these preorders aren’t for some in-game credit, but for a full $60 title. For the longest OverWatch has been marketed as F2P title.

That’s why I titled this “Is OverWatch Coming To Console”. All the other outlets are so quick to say yes, but Blizzard’s announced nothing. But let’s pretend like this story is true. That’s two announcements in one. Not only would this be coming to console, but it’s not an F2P title as marketed earlier. Blizzcon is tomorrow, so let’s wait and see.

Meanwhile share your thoughts in the comments below. How do you feel about the game possibly coming to console? I don’t care. I just hope that it’s not another $60 FPS. If it is, then prepare to blame Activision.

Here’s a video highlighting all the ultimates from the beta

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