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Published July 9, 2015

It’s time to D-D-D-Duuuuuuuuuel! Okay this isn’t Yugioh, but instead a new card game on the horizon called Nova Blitz. This title aims to be quick bursts of fun with matches only lasting for 5 minutes. I would imagine that also leads to some tense moments because things are moving so quickly. You have to stay on your toes! Here’s a complete list of features that separates this from other card games.


“A fresh take on the CCG genre, Nova Blitz offers players quick games that last less than five minutes. Players simultaneously summon monsters, play Powers, and duel in real time — without waiting for an opponent’s turn. To achieve victory, players need nerves of steel, a sharp mind — and the ability to mix strategy, tactics, and foresight at a moment’s notice. Combat is instant, intense . . . and vicious.

The universe of Nova Blitz is ruled by the five Aspects of Energy: Arcane, Tech, Divine, Nature, and Chaos. Knowing the differences between them is critical — since each Aspect has its own strengths, weaknesses, creatures, Powers, and optimum playstyles.”

— No mana screw: The shuffler ensures that players don’t get mana screwed!
— Simultaneous turns: No waiting for your opponent to play a turn.
— Real-time play: Think on your feet and react to your opponent in real time.
— Quick games: Each game takes less than five minutes to play, which means that you can play an entire tournament in a single night!
— Strategic combat: The combat system rewards intelligence and bluffing.
— Evolving gameplay: Each card’s abilities change how the game is played.
— Tournaments: A full in-game tournament system allows every player to enter leagues and tournaments.
— Trading: Trade cards with other players in game, or buy and sell for real money in the Steam Community Market.
— Cross-platform play: One account across Mac and PC — with iOS and Android coming soon!

The game is currently in Steam Greenlight program meaning that it needs a certain number of votes before it can go on sale. If you’d like to see this game make it to the Steam store, then click here to vote.



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