Is Gundam VS The Mech Fighter We’ve All Been Waiting For?

  • I came lookin for booty

    hm reminds me of that Gundam MMO thats hard to get into n shit although just 2v2? games gotta have other game modes then just 2v2

  • thaelectricfeel

    See this makes me want a PS4 even more

  • Looks like a reskinned Dragon ball xenoverse

    • Nah bruh the Gundam vs games have been out for ages. The series predates Xenoverse by like 7-8 years.

    • I wasn’t privy. I haven’t played a Gundam game since PS2. The movement and attacks were just very reminiscent.

  • No, real steel the game was…

  • Is their any sword fighting in the Gundam anime (Stupid question yes but) Like epic sword fighting?