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Published July 19, 2015

With the new season of Dragon Ball Super released many people are asking questions like who is the new villains, any new abilities, and is Goku the Michael Sam of anime? Is the mightiest warrior in all of anime universe gay? It’s no secret Goku has a wife and two kids, but that hasn’t stopped many men, including an Atlanta pastor from going after his true desires. You would think that being one of the strongest beings in the universe and achieving the power of a God would make many people happy. It’s clear as day, though that Chi-chi can’t relate so maybe Goku needs someone who is strong and understanding he can communicate with. With that said our team has reviewed hours and hours of hard hitting credible and videos taken out of context to fit this article title. View the evidence below.

Goku Denies Bulma Booty
In his defense maybe he smelled something we couldn’t but still what are magical balls to some booty?

Goku Is Scared of “The Box”

Goku Would Wrather Fight Then Pipe

Goku Checks Out Cell
Everything goku said is a double entendre like a Young Thug verse.

Goku Bathing With Goten and Trunks
Just look at the way he stares at them. Someone call Chris Hansen!

With all that proof are you convienced that the Universe’s greatest hero is gay? If you do you should be disappointed in yourself and never call yourself a Dragon Ball fan. There is no way in hell Goku is gay this was just a test to see if you truly respect and appreciate Goku! However, on the off chance that some how he was he still would be just as great of a hero but just a little more fabulous.

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