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Published September 3, 2015

It’s been 11 years since the first animated Justice League series ended and 9 years since its sequel Justice League Unlimited ended back in ’06. The latter marked the end of the DC Animated Universe which initially started with Batman: The Animated Series all the way back in ’92. The DC Animated Universe was loved and praised by fans around the world and it was all the success it garner that prompted Cartoon Network to make another DC inspired show called Young Justice, this time mostly focusing on the sidekicks of the big name heroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, etc. Like the others the show was loved by fans and critically acclaimed, which is why the sudden cancellation of the series by Carton Network prompted huge fan outrage and some even petitioned to have the show brought back, although to no avail.

While it doesn’t appear that the Young Justice series will come back anytime soon, it looks like Cartoon Network might be working on bringing back the Justice League in a brand new animated series! A Reddit user named UnknownJ25 shared a photo online that appears to have been taken in one of Warner Bros. offices, that shows a poster entitled JLA with the silhouettes of several DC heroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Firestorm, HawkgirlShazam and others.

The poster is on a wall alongside other Cartoon Network series that are currently airing or have been recently announced such as the new ‘Be Cool Scooby-Doo!’ or the ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ series so we could hear an announcement concerning a new Justice League series in the near future.

Keep checking back here for updates, we’ll keep you posted on any news as they surface. How would you guys feel about a new Justice League animated series? Would you guys be interested in seeing it?

Cartoon Network Justice League Series

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