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Published July 23, 2015

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Attack On Titan was by far one of the most hyped anime series in recent years. Although the anime may not live to the hype created by non-weeaboos true OG anime enthusiast acknowledge the fact that Attack On Titan had an engaging story, showed human nature when man was put against monster and other men, as well as the explicit graphics that captivated many which all made it a good show to recruit new anime fans. With the success of such a popular show and manga a movie was bound to happen, however, there are a lot changes that occurring to the live-action adaptation. The most notable thing is the fact that the German/European characters are all replaced with Japanese actors. Understandably so why they would do this, but they also removed Levi, a crucial character from the anime and manga from the movie. Yes, I have word that Levi was removed mainly because the spelling of his name. The name stood out too much apparently and it didn’t fit with traditional Japanese culture so the screen writer, Tomohiro Machiyama, opted out to include Levi in the movie and any future sequels *Kanye Shrug*. The changes don’t end there sadly. The author of Attack on Titan wanted Eren, the main character, to have his characteristics changed for the movie by saying,

“Please change Eren’s character.” “He’s not that sympathetic as a sh┼Źnen manga hero. …I want him to be an ordinary youngster who gets paralyzed with fear when he sees a titan.”

So yes when ever Eren see’s a Titan he will be scared shitless. Oh yeah and his black hair friend Mikasa will be his love interest that inspired him to fight the Titans and not the fact that one litterally CRUSHED HIS MOTHER’S SPINE THEN BIT HER IN HALF RIGHT BEFORE HIS EYES!. That will still play a role in it hopefully, but don’t expect to go into the movie expecting it to be the exact same story as in the anime or manga. The last change that was announced is the fact that Eren doesn’t want to be restricted by the walls protecting humanity. According to Machiyama,

“Everyone wants to live happily within the walls, but that’s not enough for Eren. He wants to overcome them.”

Change isn’t always bad it’s just change. If executed correctly the film may do just as well as the original work. Do you think these changes are bad or are you excited for what awaits AoT the movie?

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