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Published December 6, 2016

Amazon is gaining more and more clout with every new thing they introduce. First, they bought Twitch, then they announced that drones will soon be delivering our packages the same day in a few years. Now they’re about to change the game again as they just introduced Amazon Go, a service built on shopping without a checkout line.

Amazon Go works like this: You walk into the store using your smart phone to scan your unique barcode, then you choose whatever item you want, then you walk out and enjoy your new item. It’s really that simple!

The store works by using some of the same technology you would find in a smart car to sense the items that you pick up and add them to your virtual cart. Once you leave the store, you will be automatically charged to your account and a receipt will be sent to the Amazon Go app. If you pick up something and decide you don’t want it, you can put it back and the app will delete the item from your cart.

The Amazon Go store is already available for employees in Seatle but will open to the public early 2017. If everything goes well, more stores might pop up in cities around the US. This sounds like an amazing concept since stores like Walmart are infamous for having only 3 lines open and there are over 100 people waiting in line for only three items. The only major drawback to this is the loss of cashier and bagger jobs if Amazon takes over the department store and grocery store markets. If Trump is all for keeping the American jobs, this might piss him off!

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