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Published January 23, 2017

I have a confession. I’ve been using the same mouse for gaming the past three years. I’ve remained loyal to my Mionix Naos 8200 because it’s ergonomic, responsive & fits my hand like a glove! But everything changed when Gi staff member Ace established a relationship with IOGear/Kaliber Gaming for us at CES 2017.

Ice blue is one of the programmable colors for Kaliber Gaming FOKUS gaming mouse

Because of that, I’d like to kick this review off by stating that I did receive their FOKUS Pro Laser Gaming Mouse free of charge. That being said understand that I was NOT paid to speak about this product. I just wanted to mention me receiving this product for free for transparency reasons. It’s up to you to trust what I have to say after this point.

So let’s talk the FOKUS. I received the Imperial white edition which clearly took inspiration from Star Wars Storm Troopers. The metal body is complemented by a glossy white & thick black lines. This without a doubt is a sexier mouse than my Naos 8200. The FOKUS features an 8200 dpi (sensitivity), eight programmable buttons, a button to switch your dpi on the fly & multicolor illumination. With specs out the way, let’s talk about the positives.

This mouse fits my hand perfectly. It’s the first mouse I’ve used since the Naos 8200 to fit my hand so well. This is coming from someone who’s used a ton of different mice. So kudos to Kaliber Gaming for creating a mouse for the brothers out there with large hands. The second thing I want to mention is the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel on my Naos is meh, but the FOKUS sports one that scrolls buttery smooth. As someone who writes a lot for this site, this is something I look for in my mice. You need to be able to scroll through the long articles you’re typing with ease.

The second thing I have to praise is the DPI switch. I play a lot of different first-person shooters on PC, and I hate having to go into the games settings to adjust my sensitivity (first world problems). Being able to adjust my aim sensitivity on the fly is a must for any PC gamer! I have to give the FOKUS props too because it has far more sensitivity options in its DPI switch than my Naos 8200. My 8200 has three presets, and if they don’t meet your needs, then you’ll spend time in the menus tinkering. Not with the FOKUS! I tested this thing on multiple games, and it’s amazing to have six sensitivity presets to switch from.  The best part is a different color indicates each preset. Makes it easy to change between games. You might prefer the green preset on CSGO, but the red one for OverWatch.

Audio panel that appears (top left) when using the FOKUS’s audio buttons

But how does the mouse perform? I’d say on par with my Naos 8200. The DPI on the FOKUS is also 8200, so I felt right at home aiming. This is dope because the FOKUS only retails for $50. My Naos 8200 was $80 when I bought it three years ago & it STILL IS TODAY! So bravo to IOGear for packing in the same level of performance for $30 cheaper. The last positive I want to mention for this mouse is all the buttons on it. This thing is loaded with buttons on its side. This is another thing I look for in my mice because I like to put my Discord / In game push to talk button on my mouse. On the right side of the mouse, you can control the volume of your audio. When I had Spotify opened it would it would display a small panel on the top left with album art & the volume level. It’s those small little touches that I appreciate.

The software Kaliber Gaming uses to program their buttons

Now let’s talk negatives. I have two complaints. The forward & back buttons on the left side of the mouse are poorly placed. I prefer those buttons to sit a little bit further up the mouse. Those two buttons sit where my thumb rests on the mouse, so I end up pressing the back arrow a lot. Pressing that button takes me to my previous web page. I can’t express how annoying that is when I’m writing articles. This can be fixed by reprogramming the buttons, but finding the software for this mouse wasn’t the easiest. I had to locate the product on their website; then I had to find the software. Why wasn’t a link supplied in the quick start guide?

My last complaint is the slickness of the mouse. The sex appeal of this mouse comes at a price. My hand is always sliding all over the place while gaming because of the slick metal paint job. I quickly became frustrated playing twitch shooters. Eventually, I got better, but I don’t think I’ll ever be one hundred percent comfortable with the mouse. The Naos 8200 has this rough grip to it that I prefer.

BUT for $50 you can do a whole lot worse. The FOKUS sports a lot of great features that higher end mice have for a fraction of the price. What it comes down to here is preference. Do you like the slick metal paint job feel? If so, then go for this one! If not, then I say pass.  If you’re interested in purchasing the Kaliber Gaming FOKUS gaming mouse feel free to use the link below.

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