Infinite Warfare Sales Are WAY BELOW Sea Level?!

  • Rash Cash

    All they care about is micro transactions &a they’re winning there smh .

  • That zombies is the only thing on there worth playing, but when I say that, I mean it’s WORTH it. Not $60 though, you can miss me with that.

  • way below space level…..

  • The message is clear gamers are tired of Call of Duty and Activision, Infinity Ward and or Treyarch needs to retire the franchise and come up with something new. Or call it quits.

  • McCollin

    I literally use the Call of Duty franchise as a metaphor for something that is carried on and turned to boo boo bruh. It’s to the point where I honeslty dont believe the story is even worth 40 dollars and multiplayer hasngotten way to old. They need to start with some new franchise cause COD is really getting old now.

  • Black ops 3 was hot , just the studio who makes COD. But next COD they get it right back .

  • Niggas love to hate on COD. Like give it a rest

    • Sean Allen

      People don’t want to play the same old

    • They did give it a rest and didn’t go out and buy it. I myself bought it on steam and got a full refund the next day cause it was so bad.

    • Well if they didn’t do the same thing every year, we wouldn’t have to hate on it.

    • They know who they need to appeal too. I’ve played them all coming from the MW2 era and I still like the games. Its not for everybody. I’m just saying like if you don’t like it then move on completely and stop talking about it. The older games still there fam

  • Its not even that bad tbh. I’m prestige 2 in MP and rank 89 in zombies. I loved the campaign. I didn’t have much interest in BO3s DLC so I didn’t buy the season pass but I probably will for IW.

  • Get rid of the stupid bundle. I just need the remaster! #MakeCodGreatAgain

  • I bought the game and out of the all modes I really enjoyed the campaign. They should really give this game a long break but doubt activision is gonna let that happen.

  • Bought it on black Friday, sold it a week later.

  • Only got it for Call of Duty 4, and the campaign. Because, Jon Snow.

  • They just release the MW1 remaster on it own, then they’ll meet the sales requirements.


    I picked up the game and I regret it till this day. I wish I can refund it.

  • TiciTotyTony47

    Activision pissed off their own fanbase….and wonder why their sales are piss poor.

  • RegularPerson

    It’s worse for nba 2k. I hope the same happens with that

  • Mr.3vilboss

    Average cod head:”can’t measure sea level cause I’m all the way up here in space” cod has taken staples of every fps so far I’m not suprised why it’s doing so bad they lost identity.