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Published December 11, 2016

Are we finally starting to see the demise of Call of Duty? According to our snitch, that’s what the numbers say. There’s been a 50% decline in sales for Activision compare to last years release.

“Infinite Warfare units came in 17 percent shy of our expectations, down close to 50 percent [year-over-year],”

The only catch here is if you dig a littler further you’ll find┬áthat these stats only track the sales of physical copies of Infinite Warfare. Analyst claims that digital sales are up. Those are just claims. Those claims didn’t didn’t stop Activision’s┬ástock from dropping 9%.

So I’ll chalk this one up to nobody is 100% sure on what they’re talking about. Feel free to share your opinion on this topic in the comments below. Did you pick up Infinite Warfare?

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