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Published January 31, 2017

Infinite Warfare is one of the biggest jokes of 2016 in my opinion, but my opinion doesn’t matter because it was the top selling game of last year. It’s a lot of secret Infinite Warfare lovers out here that don’t want to admit. It’s okay, you’re not on trial. Enjoy what you like!

Like the new DLC pack called Sabotage. It includes 4 new multiplayer maps and the new Rave In The Redwood Zombies map. If you want to get into the specifics of each multiplayer map check out the info below

“Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s first DLC pack, Sabotage, arrives 1/31! It delivers four, all-new multiplayer maps including Dominion, a re-imagining of the Modern Warfare 2 fan-favorite Afghan, Neon, the “Z”-shaped digital city Noir, Brooklyn at night and Renaissance, the idyllic canals of Venice, Italy.”

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