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Published June 29, 2016

Ikenfell Is an RPG where the main characters are wizards and witches that attend a magic school.The things that caught my attention were the art style, character personalities and turn based combat. in the trailer, there was a cat doing magic and fighting the main characters Maritte, Rook and Petronella. Something dope to note is that music of this game is made by the same people who worked on the hit Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. The gameplay looks interesting and the music is sure to be good. This game shows a lot of potential, so be sure to look out for it in 2018!

“Ikenfell is a JRPG with a mix of turn-based and timing-based battle mechanics with a heavy focus on characters and story. Rather than being a classic RPG, it is inspired by quirky games such as Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Earthbound, and Robotrek. It is also inspired by magical teen stories such as Harry Potter and Carry On.” -Ikenfell team

  • Magical duels in an original turn-based RPG battle system
  • Time your hits to increase spellpower and block incoming attacks
  • Explore a sprawling and mysterious school of magic and secrets
  • Meet a huge cast of strange and diverse characters
  • Find hidden spells, items & equipment to aid you
  • A touching story of friendship, rivalry, & romance… in many forms <3


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