If Pacific Rim Was An Anime

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  1.' Boipelo Aiden Petros says:

    I wouldn’t mind it 🙂 But imagine if Harry Potter was anime, it would be so good.

    1.' Rigel Seybert says:

      So many beam battles

    2.' Boipelo Aiden Petros says:

      Lol You know. Something to look forward to, will be the quidich matches.

    3.' Marlon Ebanks says:

      It would probably have the amount of episode or more than DBZ and One Piece lol

  2.' Tóth Zoltán says:


  3.' Silver Knight says:

    Come on !
    They can do more…

  4.' Martin Arinaga says:

    Blake Richie what do you think?

    1.' Blake Richie says:

      That would be cool *punches hand with fist*

  5.' Jeanluca Solís says:

    Technically it already is

  6.' Wesley D Roberson says:

    Get on it Warner Bros Animation

  7.' GetRekt says:

    An Assassins Creed Anime would be Dope 😀 !!

  8. Darth Nigga Darth Nigga says:

    that was pretty sic

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