Hunter x Hunter Manga Goes On Hiatus

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  1. Of fucking course niggas need to build that nigga a bionic back

  2. GoDBrother GoDBrother says:

    OMG who would’ve saw that coming

  3.' Creeper says:

    I just read the latest chapter, this is trash

    1.' Dual_Heart says:

      If you think it’s “trash” then kindly go away and don’t read it

      1.' Creeper says:

        You do I was stating I’m upset at the series going on aother Hiatus not bashing it right? I love Togashi’s characters and world building but I’m not thrilled about the series going on another break, which I have every right to be. So kindly go away and don’t tell me what to do

  4. CleverCorp CleverCorp says:

    What a surprise! 🙄

  5. That black guy kinda reminds me of vash the stampede

  6. Nux Valhalla Nux Valhalla says:

    The Five Great Calamities , I can’t wait for this!

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