Hugh Jackman Will Be Wolverine No More

  • Brandon Lindo

    well yeah thats wolverine 3 but what about apocalypse? i mean i respect the dude same way i do for Mr.Downey Jr for doing other movies but still can we get a few hints? or better yet a conformation if the guy is doing this or not?

    • Malaiko

      Still no word on whether or not he’s gonna show up in X-Men: Apocalypse. That will probably get announced very soon seeing as they’ve started shooting the film.

  • Shelton Washington

    I really wanted Hugh to appear in at least one movie with Ryan Reynolds again as Wolverine and Deadpool, respectively. Their interactions in Origins were great before Wade became a mute lol. But Reynolds as the proper Deadpool coming out would be fucking amazing with Jackman’s Wolverine imo!! But 🙁

    • Malaiko

      Oh hell yeah, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds would be perfect! It doesn’t even need to be a whole movie together, I’d be happy with just a scene lol

  • Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad

    Hard to imagine a live action Wolverine being played by anyone other than this guy.

    • Malaiko

      Definitely, he was perfect for the role. One of the best superhero castings ever for sure.

  • BigBoss_OG

    In a way i’m glad they’re looking for a new Wolverine. Hugh Jackman portrayed him to perfection but I always hoped he rocked the actual OG Wolverine costume from the comics. Anyways Marvel can definitely get a good if not a better actor to play Wolverine, I really hope he gets a costume with his hood mask this time though.

    • Malaiko

      Idk if they can get a better Wolverine than Hugh Jackman, the guy was perfect for the role. & FOX still owns X-Men so we’re not gonna see Marvel casting Wolverine, or any X-Men for that matter any time soon. And I doubt Fox can find someone better.

      • BigBoss_OG

        Hmm well theres rumors that the X-MEN will soon be a part of the MCU so if that happens they will for sure get the rights over FOX.

        • Malaiko

          There were rumors saying that years ago, still hasn’t happened. I wouldn’t hold my breath lol

  • casjwell

    Deadpool should get a cameo in the last Wolverine movie.

    • Malaiko

      Hell yeah, just a 10 second scene I’ll take it! lol

  • Tony Jones

    I can’t imagine no one else to play him though. They aren’t going to make as much money in the future now…

    • Malaiko

      Yeah the franchise is definitely going to have to add some big names to draw people cause Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and now Hugh Jackman aren’t coming back. Those are 3 pretty big names that draw a lot of audiences to these movies.

  • Fbreezy

    Awww, Huge Jacked Man ain’t Wolverine anymore. I’m pretty sure anyone else who gets casted as Wolverine will be hated or be a victim to skepticism.

    • Malaiko

      Definitely. But then again I feel like any actor or actress going for the role of any superhero should expect hate to come their way. Comic book fans are rarely happy with casting choices, there’s always that group of people just waiting to hate lol