How Is Sniper Elite 4 Turning Out?

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  1.' RageManT says:

    My Friend and I play the Sniper Elite games everytime they come out. We’ve been doing so since the second game. We play the single player Campaign by ourselves and then we play the co-op campaign together (which is basically the single player campaign but with two players lol). So you could imagine our excitement for this upcoming game. I like some of the new stuff they’re adding to the game, like environmental kills, the binoculars that tags enemies and shows you their stats and what guns they packing and it gives you a bit of lore on them (which is new and awesome), new Kill cams and angles with different weapons and kill types (i.e Stealth kills and grenade kills), running up to people and talking to people is new, funny enough, and newer and better graphics a usual.

    Everything is looking great so far, can’t wait to see more.

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