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Published June 18, 2015

During the Microsoft Xbox One Press Conference it was revealed that backwards compatibility for the Xbox One to play Xbox 360 games is happening. Click HERE to read about it. There was a lot left unsaid in that press conference, and I’m here give you the details on how this new feature works. I will go over it in both video form, and written form. It’s fairly easy to do, but as always, Xbox tends to not go into full detail about these things. I will cover how to activate it, the limitations, and even a way to possibly expand the library.

Currently, backward compatibility for the Xbox One is only available to those who are apart of the Xbox Preview Program. If you know someone who is in the preview program, they may have the ability to send you an invite. If not, this will be available to all Xbox One owners sometime during the holiday season. They are hoping to have about 100 games ready at full launch.

Once you’re in the preview program, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to dashboard.
  2. Click the “My Games & Apps” tile.
  3. Under the “Games” listing scroll all the way to the right.
  4. You’ll see the list of games that you can currently play.
  5. Click the game to install it.
  6. If it is a physical copy, then you will have to insert the original disc for verification.
  7. Once installed, you can click on the game to start it.

Just note, that the first time start the game it’ll take a minute to verify your Xbox 360 items. Plus, for physical copies – you must always insert the disc in every time you play. Treat it like your would any other physical disc game.

OK, now that is out of the way – let’s cover some limitations of this new feature.

  • Publishers/Developers must give Xbox permission to use this feature. If they don’t give it, Xbox won’t enable the 360 game to be played on the Xbox One.
  • Save games from the Xbox 360 can transfer to the Xbox One only if it was saved to the cloud save system. You can not use a USB at this time to transfer saves. If the 360 game doesn’t allow you to save to the cloud, then you’ll start from scratch on the Xbox One.
  • What you save on the Xbox One is independent from the Xbox 360. So jumping back, and forth between consoles is not seamless. At least at this time.

Xbox is listening to feedback about this new feature. Since they have to ask companies for permission, they set up a voting system to see what games people want to see supported. At this time, Red Dead Redemption, and Black Ops 2 are the top picks.

I would love it if Street Fighter III: Third Strike would make it. So, give it a vote!



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