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Published September 20, 2014

Yesterday it was announced that a Deadpool movie is slated to release on February 12, 2016. Here’s just some friendly advice to Fox on how they can make a great Deadpool film:

Break the Fourth Wall

To quote Ronald Reagan, Fox needs to “Tear down this fourth wall!” Wait, that’s not what he said? Doesn’t matter. In the upcoming Deadpool movie, Fox needs to obliterate the fourth wall. Thankfully, the leaked test footage from July breaks the fourth wall plenty of times. It’s Deadpool being aware of who he is is what makes him such a great character, knowing he’s inside a comic book creates interesting circumstances and dialogue. This needs to translate to the film. He needs to be aware that he’s in a movie so the film is true to the character.

Make Sure to Mention X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men: Days of Future Past thankfully made it so that the first Wolverine spinoff can be forgotten about by fans. However, I hope Deadpool remembers it. This goes back to my previous point- if they write Deadpool so that he can break the fourth wall then they need to make sure he makes plenty of jokes at the expense of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That film was such a disservice to Deadpool that it deserves to be made fun of by him.

Keep Deadpool Mentally Unstable

The other defining characteristic of Deadpool is his psychosis. Basically, he is batshit crazy and frequently talks to himself, as demonstrated in the picture below. This aspect of Deadpool is also what gives him some of his humor. He is also cuckoo for cocoa puffs in the way that he goes about his work. What other superhero would hold up the decapitated head of a bad guy and act like it is speaking to the audience?

Don’t Be Afraid to be Rated R

Based off of that leaked footage, it seems like Fox knows what it’s doing in this aspect. A Deadpool movie needs to be R rated. The amount of crude jokes and violence will warrant an R rating. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox shies away from this and instead ops for a PG-13 rating, fearing smaller audiences.

Make Sure Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds isn’t a terrible actor. I think he just takes on too many bad scripts that causes him to be in bad movies. His last two appearances in comic book movies, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern, weren’t terrible because of him. In GL he was probably the lone good thing about the movie and in Origins: Wolverine he played Deadpool wonderfully. Reynolds brought his signature wit and charisma to the role. He was also excellent in the short test footage. Just about every line was a joke that Reynolds delivered excellently. Also, if Fox signs Reynolds on for the role they would have a well known star to headline their film about this very obscure character that may not appeal to all audiences, especially if it does end up being rated R.

If everyone involved with the film adheres to this advice the Deadpool movie will more than likely be pretty good. What do you think needs to be done to ensure that the Deadpool film turns out great?

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