How Do You Decide Which Anime to Watch Next?

  • SaviorOfTheWorld

    I’ll make the decision for all of us. ONEPUNCHMAN

    • Roland Blue

      you liked Bo Bobobobo…didn’t you?

      • SaviorOfTheWorld

        Nah…I like one punch man

      • casjwell

        Hell yea. Those nose hairs were majestic lol

  • Nabilety

    I’m new to watching anime – just recently finished ‘Attack on Titan’, and it was awesome. I must admit it is hard to find anime that I want to watch, so I’ll try out the myanimelist website, thanks.

  • Muttley

    You look at the chart of which anime are airing this season, find something that interest you, and watch it when it comes out or when you have the time.

  • LopperUK

    I watch whatever the weebs post about on facebook

  • you don’t you just watch

  • Matthew Linus Boyd

    Find the one that isn’t stupid, childish, and lame.

  • Monique Anderson

    Usually by judging the title cover and the first episode…..and the voice acting. I loathe those squeaky, kiddie voice actors.

  • Nicolas Perez-Sar

    Story of my life.

  • Kevron Jeffrey

    One punch man must watch

  • Jabril Turner

    When in doubt….dragon ball z out

  • Devante’ Harris

    The comments section if posts like this lol

  • Javier DeLeon

    Recommendations. Or “popular” on crunchyroll

  • Whatever is on Netflix honestly

  • SilverPKC

    When I go to Kissanime I just scroll through what is updated for the day.

  • Mickale Pitter

    Whatever I feel like watching and also what I’ve heard about an anime.

  • Khalil McLeod

    Go on YouTube type in topanineweekly n choose what I want out of the ops

  • Zakk A. Daghita

    You don’t start watching it in the first place. Unless its king of the hill.

  • Ducked Up ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Synopsis and genre. I’m pretty good at deciding whether or not I’ll like something, right off the bat.

  • Roland Blue

    For starters, its all about feeling the void in my chest, when Bleach finished I was lost all I had left for weekly watches were One Piece and Naruto. The site I use has a random button so I press that, look at the genre read the synopsis if its looks ok i will save it in a list and might watch it later. Just watched 2 eps. of Mushi Shi yesterday been on watchlist for 1.5 years. PS I watch One Punch Man but not feeling it that much feels like Bo Bobo, I need more Gangsta and 2nd season of No Game No Life and given up waiting for new AoT they are taking to long trying to milk it too much.

    • johnny johnson

      There’s been nothing aot related in forever and that’s “milking it” makes sense

  • Payton McDowell

    I make a list and pick the one im most interested in watching. When i finish it, i wait a few weeks to move on to the next one.

  • Basedgold

    I just make a list of anime to watch and just go from there

  • Sincere Flowers

    It’s alllll in the description.

  • Fbreezy

    If I see some big anime tits, I’m gonna watch it. And that’s why Kill La Kill is the breast anime to exist.

  • Sometimes I choose randomly or I’ve heard about the anime or read about it

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