Hollywood Death Note Has Found Its Light Yagami?

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  1.' Muttley says:

    Idk I wouldn’t like a chatter box playing Light

    1.' terrance says:

      I agree. I personally think its a miss-cast. But you know hollywood probably won’t stay true to the original source material.

  2.' Payton McDowell says:

    0/10 whitewashed, will not watch. I’ll just procrastinate on watching the anime.

  3. Lightskin Masterrace says:

    this is terrible almost shed a tear reading this

  4.' Damion Dixon (Deezyfesheezy) says:

    This movie gon be garbage. They got a white boi playing a Jap? This is literally the Dragon ball movie all over again.

    1.' Cahlil Jahsaiah Russell says:


  5.' xx123manxx says:

    *Barfs* Movie going to take an “L”

  6. Mohamad107 says:

    I like to give things the benefit of the doubt. We don’t know that much about the movie yet. I wouldn’t mind if they changed up the story or characters a bit, honestly (I’m predicting L is gonna get a massive personality change, I would NOT be okay with that, though), as long as it does so well without making Death Note look bad.
    Everyone raise your arms up and give this Hollywood movie adaptation your energy, since the other two Death Note movies were ass.

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