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Published June 15, 2015

In what the hell, but I’m not complaining news. Twitch competitor Hitbox made a major announcement today. According to their official blog, they’ve upgraded their infrastructure to support streams in 4K 60FPS.

For those unaware 4K is a resolution 4x that of 1080p, so images look super crisp! It’s what they use in movie theaters. The first ever 4k stream will be held in July for an Esports event on Hitbox. After that you should start to see it roll out to the general public for use.

Only question is who has a gaming PC capable of playing AND streaming a game in 4k 60FPS? Better yet how many of your internet connections can handle viewing a 4k stream? Hitbox is saying you’re going to need 15 to 20mbit connection.

Great to see technology progress, but I highly doubt many people will be putting this to use. Most households just aren’t ready. Give it a few more years.

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