Hip-Hop Legend Talib Kweli Discusses The Darkside Of Anime

  • Tentacle, Demon Hentai?

  • This was a great interview, and highlighted what I had been saying in my own circles for quite some time.

  • Nick Bracken

    Being racist is not the same as being racially insensitive. Japan is mostly racially insesitive. This is mostly because there are so few foreigners in their country

  • Montezl

    Yeah I’ve noticed the anime avatar white supremacy thing

  • Lightning Black

    This was a fucking stupid interview

    • Blackskingod

      Lmao you just made his point lol😂😂😂

      • Lightning Black

        how did i make his point

      • Lightning Black

        I am going to assume you are saying I made his point since you think I’m white, but I’m black so that kind of make his point invalid when it concerns me

    • Reunald Jones IV

      So explain to us what made it stupid then? I thought this was a great interview.

    • Rei Tony

      I agree with Lightning Black, there really was no point to the interview

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal im still gonna like anime

  • because we should listen about negative influences on anime instead of a rapper/hip hop artist XD

  • Lol

  • Reunald Jones IV

    Yo this interview was aww inspiring, that’s why I have much respect for him.

  • @Bashtin141

  • Simple math once you remember that Japan with the Nazis, believe they were the master race of Asia. Chinese were “yellow” then.