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Published July 17, 2016

Blizzard recently released a skin for Symmetra othat symbolizes the Hindu Goddes Kali in the game Overwatch. The president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, Rajan Zed, made it quite clear and is asking Blizzard and Activision to remove the skin because it doesn’t accurately represent the Hindu Goddess and they don’t want her to be reduced to just a character in a video game. This isn’t the first time Rajan Zed has confronted a game about removing Hindu Gods and pantheons from a game. A prior incident came from him addressing Smite to remove all Hindu pantheons. Which I personally can contest to since the CEO of Smite himself told me of this.



Now at first  when I heard Rajan Zed was mad at Overwatch I thought maybe he should lighten up, and then I did some self-reflection and critical thinking. In video games besides South Park: Stick of Truth I can’t really recall anyone having Jesus being a playable character or having his likeliness being shown in a way that misrepresents his values and actions. Even in Smite they completely ignore Christian, Jewish, and Islamic deities or anyone from those religions. Why is it that these three active religions and their religious figures aren’t reduced to simple characters yet there’s no problem with doing that to Hinduism, Buddhism, and many more active religions. Time and time again people wrongfully prioritize the respect and importance of other’s culture under that of their own entertainment.

You may say now, “this is just a game, or it’s just a tv show” when someone says their culture and religion is being wrongfully represented in media but imagine the following. A loved one of yours passes away and McDonald’s uses their image and makes them the new Ronald Mcodnald. Even if said person who died didn’t like clowns or hell even McDonald’s now they are being misrepresented in life to millions as a fast food clown. This was just some food for thought. Stay woke and try seeing things from the perspective of others. Now should Overwatch remove the skin? I don’t know but I wouldn’t be opposed to them adding a Jesus skin for reaper and watching Jesus spin in a circle shooting shotguns saying, “Die, Die, Die”.

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