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Published August 25, 2017

I’m an avid mobile gamer and one trend I’m seeing on the app store is mobile MOBA’s. MOBA’s are some of the most popular games out there and a lot of studios are trying to replicate that success on the mobile platform.

Hi-Rez Studios are known for Smite and Paladins. They’ve decided to throw their hat in the ring to contend for the mobile market. How? By announcing Paladins Strike. They’re describing this game as a game where you can

“Become a legend and master more than 15 different Champions. Battle with your friends using high-powered guns and casting MOBA-like abilities in real-time, 5v5 combat. It’s your favorite hero shooter, perfected for mobile.”

Hi-Rez recently opened up their website for people who want to alpha test the game. If you want early access, then click here to sign up for Paladins Strike. Check out the reveal trailer below.


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