My Hero Academia Season 3 Trailer IS LIT!

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  1.' Mr. Payton says:

    Ohhh my boy Tokoyami!! finally get to see berserker bird animated

  2.' habookaya says:

    bro, you guys have a trash video player. i couldnt even change my video settings.
    Also, if this season ends around manga ch 100, that shit gon b lit

  3. Ethan Carn Ethan Carn says:

    Kade Reddick Ayye

  4.' LowKey_Afro says:

    It’s going to be a good season, only thing I can say about the pic with Tokoyami is that you should look at it a couple times to see if he is going all out or if it’s something else.

  5. David White David White says:

    Tyree Olaff Decarlos Gianni

  6.' FuutonNinja says:

    I regret not reading the manga, cuz this season right here looks really dope!

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