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Published April 26, 2015

Who wasn’t a fan of Dateline’s To Catch A Predator show with Chris Hansen in the early 2000’s? I remember my family gathering around the tv learning & laughing about these disgusting pedos that the internet has been plagued with. But, like all good things, the show eventually came to an end.

Chris Hansen has seen the rise of the internet since those days and is looking to capitalize on it. The pedo army is stronger than ever! The perfect example is the Minecraft Youtuber with over a million subscribers who recently got exposed.

Chris is looking to take the fight back to these sick bastards! He’s launched a Kickstarter to help crowd fund his new show Hansen vs Predator. I’d imagine it’s called that because NBC owns the name To Catch A Predator. Donating to his Kickstarter helps bring the show back better than ever!

You get a bunch of goodies for donating. Donate 20 dollars and you’ll get a coffee mug. Donate 30 dollars and you get early access to the show and behind the scenes footage and there’s a bunch of other stuff. Make sure to read the right side of the Kickstarter page to see it all.

If you’d like to donate to bring this show back then, click here.

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