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Published July 28, 2015

One of my favorite shows coming up as a young grasshopper in the game was Swat Kats. Normally I hate cats, but I could never hate on two goons flying airplanes and fighting bads guys on Saturday mornings.

Since my youth the show has came and on gone just like everything, but it doesn’t have to be gone forever. The shows two creators are taking to Kickstarter to produce their new series called Swat Kats Revolution. The can do this because they own the rights to the show which is awesome to hear. Their goal was to crowd raise 50k and they’re already at 71k at the moment.

The only issue is that 50k won’t get us much but some scripts and concept art. Their stretch goals are 100K, 200k, One million and 1.5 million. All backers will receive a thank you credit in the show. They’re a shit ton of other rewards as well if you’re interested click here.


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