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Published December 25, 2016

I haven’t had time to watch much anime as of late due to time constraints, but I’m finally back on the bike! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on an anime called Heavy Object. Heavy Object is a mech(ish) anime produced by Funimation. In the future, an island nation creates a mech suit called “Heavy Object.” This suit has impenetrable armor & incredible fire power. This Heavy Object is so powerful that the U.N. wasn’t powerful enough to defeat it as a collective.

The world’s super powers shot nukes at the Heavy Object and only scratched it. That’s the type of power we’re dealing with here. An island nation holding that much power sends the world into chaos. The U.N. eventually collapses, new borders are created, and conflict is on the horizon. I found the initial setup to be interesting. I thought they did a great job quickly getting things going without being confusing. That’s where the positives end, unfortunately.

I couldn’t even tell you the three main characters names (Quenser, Heivia & Milinda upon Googling them). That’s because none of them are interesting. They’re just a bunch of anime tropes. Quenser is a pervert; Heivia is a clout chaser & Milinda is a loli lead by an eighteen-year-old military commander with big titties.

The first episode sees the two bafoons meeting their new team mate Milinda. This is where things get really cringy. Milinda is the pilot of a Heavy Object. Milinda is sitting in the pilot seat while working on repairs for her Heavy Object when one of the engineers requests help from Quenser. Quenser’s clumsy self accidentally hits the wrong button and causes the seat belt to squeeze the hell out of Milinda’s titties. Her breast is squeezed so hard that they damn near popped off the tv screen. At this point, I’m rolling my eyes, but it gets worse. She can’t breathe, but instead of helping her Quenser begins to ask himself if he should cop a feel. That’s episode one.

Episode 2 sees the team on a mission for reasons I’m unaware of because I’m already losing interest. They run into an enemy Heavy Object, and a fight breaks out between the two parties. Milinda gets captured and clown one & two set out to rescue her. This is where things get creepy. Milinda is eventually located and the guys attempt to recuse her. As they get closer you overhear the two soldiers insinuating their interest in raping Milinda. It was at this point I pulled my phone out and began to scroll through my Instagram because I had lost interest. Long story short, Milinda is rescued, some C4 destroys the enemy Heavy Object (makes no sense) & the 18-year-old big titty commander arrives with backup out the blue.

Episode 3 begins & next thing you know I wake up to the credits leading into episode 4. I had fallen asleep. So I stood up and turned the show-off. This wasn’t for me. Heavy Object’s world is fascinating, but nothing outside of that is. It’s a show with uninteresting writing, perverted males & loli fighters.

One more critique I had with the show is the animation. The 2D animation was solid, but the Heavy Object’s were CG, and I hate that look. Bottomline; avoid Heavy Object. You’re not missing anything unless you enjoy loli’s and idiotic male protagonists.

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