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Published August 25, 2018

Back in July Marvel fired the director James Gunn for some things he had said back in the day on Twitter. According to sources, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will now be put on hold by Marvel Studios.

The firing of James Gunn split fans apart, Some wanted the director to continue the job that he started and be able to finish the film. The other side of this is fans praising Marvel for the firing and do not want him back as a director. Even the cast of the Marvel films were fighting for James Gunn to get his job back through all this. All of this gave a really bad spotlight on the project, So Marvel decided to put it on hold while Marvel and Disney discuss what they should do.

The film was set to be released sometime in 2020 and start production early 2019 around January. Now with the production on hold, The crew members are being dismissed and are told that they are free to look for new work.

This is a very unfortunate news because many fans loved the Guardians of the Galaxy films. What are your thoughts about the production being on hold?

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