GTA V Mod Enabled Online Servers Have Arrived!

  • Basedgold

    Wont be long now until we finally get those super hero mods!

  • Richard Bogan-Nash

    Is there a mod for the PS4 version yet? For online?

    • The Black Hokage


    • Tohru Adachi #InabaPolice

      Yes, but to access it you have to delete System 32 on your PC for the files to be sent over to your PS4.

      • Fbreezy

        I tried this. It actually worked. Thanks.

  • Yoko

    Already breaking the game smh… No wonder developers prefer consoles

    • sgt-jk

      Not sure how this is breaking the game, it’s a server specific for mods. If you go to play GTA online with Rockstar’s servers you won’t be running in to people using mods to give them an advantage. If anything this enhances the game by adding extra options that people can choose to use or not.

  • steelers

    pc gamers bitch about games like red dead redemption or gta games coming out this is exactly why they take a long ass time
    you peeps can’t keep mods in a limited where devs said they dont want it to be

  • xkamui

    They should make a san andreas mod.

    • Justis Isajevas

      They will eventually.