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Published July 1, 2015

The developers of Grav just dropped their “summer trailer”. I don’t know what the hell that means, but I can say that I’ve been playing this early access title for a few months low key and it’s the first & only survival title to captivate my attention.

Normally I hate these type of games, but the combat is fun, crafting a wing-suit was a blast and I’m aiming for one of those motorcycles. I guess I like the graphics, co-op and space theme of it all. Also the community is VERY nice. When I was playing I’d type something in the world chat such as “does anyone know how to craft XYZ” and they’d actually help me.

Not to mention the developers listen to what the community wants if you decided to get active in the forums. It’s definitely a sleeper hit on Steam that I could see getting big. Check it out if you have the spare cash.

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