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Published July 7, 2015

It all started with the GoPro HERO. The line up of action camera equipment then ate a lot of rare candy and gave us the GoPro HERO4, but now they boast that they can level up over 9000! No Its still 4, but its a compact and powerful 4 called the HERO4: Session.

The device has been designed to look like a cube as supposed to its predecessors rectangular shape. The HERO4: Session takes the camera quality of the HERO3 and adds on a microphone system that works like the human ears, hence the name┬ásession. Unfortunately it looks like we won’t get the HERO4’s 4k .

Great camera, and amazing microphone all in the form of a cube you can put in a bag or pocket. This is the athlete and outdoorsman’s camera. Imagine pulling this out of your pocket and capturing an ocean, forest, or mountain for you to enjoy later. This is also a great tool for people not doing anything extreme.

This camera looks like it would be great to vlog with! It lacks a replaceable battery,but comes with many power saving features. Even though it has a small screen it still has the room to display all your necessary information like battery life and storage.A truly promising device

gopro-hero4-session-08gopro-hero-4-session-7827.0 gopro-hero4-session-11

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