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Published January 28, 2016

Looking for a new Andriod device for a significant other? Well look no further cause Google will be offering a $50 discount for anyone wanting to buy the Nexus 5X and the new Nexus 6P.You can pick up an unlocked 16GB 5X for $299 or a 32GB model for $349, and the Nexus 6P will go for $449 for the 32GB unit and $499 for a 64GB unit. But here is the catch for the Nexus 6P, you must buy the new matte gold version if you would like the discount. I am personally not into gold phones at all, but that’s not a big deal at all. You can do what I did and just get a good case off of Amazon for a very decent price!

I haven’t personally used the Nexus 5X, but both devices will come updated with Andriod’s latest OS Marshmellow. The Nexus 6P is an excellent phone, and I do like it so far. My only issue at the moment is receiving text messages. When your mobile account is linked to an iPhone account and people who try to message you who have an iPhone as well, the message will first send as an iMessage then go to a regular text. Other than that no issues so far, but I will update you guys later next month.

If you thinking of purchasing either device let us know and why in the comment section below. If you have any questions about either device but especially the Nexus 6P which I have hands-on experience with, feel free to ask me below as well!

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