Goku Bodies The Entire Street Fighter Roster

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  1. RonnRetrobro jr says:

    Lol thats funny I saw this video yesterday and posted the youtubber who made it on my website.

  2.' Damon Ransom #Swavey says:

    Pretty accurate lol

  3.' Brandon Lindo says:


  4.' KiSwordsman says:

    that bison one was extremely unnecessary

  5.' Ducked Up ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

    Goku wouldn’t fight any of them at full strength. He’d probably have Goten fight them, and even Goten would have to hold back.

  6.' Swaap says:

    funny but also hella accurate cause Goku would body the cheeks of every street fighter character

  7. Devin says:

    This is such b.s. Goku wouldn’t have KO’d any of them they all would be dead

  8.' Panerosus Ensatusfuria says:

    very inaccurate ….goke going SSJ1 was unnecessary … even for Bison -_- .. and one hit was enough for any one of them … in the SSFIV movie, cammy got one hit from C.Viper and that was it for her… #justsaying

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