Gogeta is Trying to Sneak into “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”

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  1. Tyler Harris Tyler Harris says:

    No doubt. As soon as we heard them bring back the OG movies in theaters, we already knew.

  2. Jacob Jones Jacob Jones says:

    Half Life 3 confirmed

  3.' Angel L says:

    Well it would all make sense if that’s the reason why they are releasing the 3 Remastered Dragonball Z movies before the Super movie comes out Because this Will Have all 3 Characters Broly,Bardock,and Gogeta reimagind while still giving respect to the Original. Bravo

  4. Welp he might be canon

  5. Whit3_V8der Whit3_V8der says:

    Will it be canon tho?

  6. @Mr_iKeepitreal i wish this was kept a secret though

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