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Published July 19, 2015

God Eater is based off a PSP game and sadly after watching the first episode I don’t know much about the world of God Eater, but I feel like I Know where it’s going. If I didn’t know God Eater was actually trying, it could almost pass as a parody by how badly paced the first episode is. There will be spoilers, but the story isn’t that in depth anyway so read at your own risk. It begins with the main character, Lenka, in a post apocalyptic world trying to escape some Aragami, which are large mutated monsters of some sort. He manages to make it into what is believed the or one of the last strongholds of civilization that is surrounded by a wall. Then Lenka past some physical test, gets a red bracelet, is now somehow enlisted in the military, and vows to destroy all the Aragami. Various flash backs happen and next thing you know some side characters are saying Lenka is special and will posses a new type of weapon to fight against the Aragami. Lenka begins training and it is clear he is not ready for real combat. A few scenes later the Aragami break the walls protecting the humans and cause havoc, killing people and what other things giant mutated creatures do. For some unexplained reason Lunka is the only soldier that is left at the base while everyone else was deployed elsewhere prior to the attack and he makes his way to fight the Aragmi despite his inexperience. While in battle Lenka is clearly out matched and has to protect someone and says some cliche shit like, “I won’t let die and I won’t run away” then one cliche after another it leads to him discovering how he is a different soldier then the rest at the end with his new attack. That’s basically it.

It’s one cliche shonnen anime moment after the next all packed in 24 minutes. The only thing they forgot to add was Lenka defeating an Aragami with the power of friendship while yelling an emotional yet annoying catch phrase such as “believe it”. The problem with all this is God Eater may not be bad, but is sure as hell does nothing to make it stand out from other anime with similar plots. If the anime continues like this it may not be received well, because, it lacks its own identity or I could be wrong and It does great because of its familiarity. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the studio who made this saw how well Attack on Titan was received and thought the game has a similar plot so why not try and recreate the wheel twice. I believe in experiencing something first hand before truly forming my opinion, so watch episode 1 and tell me if God Eater will fall because it lacks its own personality or can it stand on its own from being something people are familiar with?

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